The Adventures Of Long John Silver | 1957 | Robert Newton, Grant Taylor, Connie Gilchrist

Period action adventure series. Aha Jim Lad, Long John Silver and his young cabin boy Jim find themselves on the island of Portobello. Silver and Jim are recruited by Governor Strong to do battle against the threat of the Spanish.

Filmed in Australia (and in colour) but aimed at the US and UK markets with a great scenery chewing lead performance from Robert Newton

Robert Newton as Capt. Long John Silver
Kit Taylor as Jim Hawkins
Grant Taylor as Patch
Connie Gilchrist as Purity Pinker
Harry Hambleton as Big Eric
Eric Reiman as Trip Fenner

Music: Sydney John Kay
Producers: Joseph Kaufman, Mark Evans

Australia | Isola del Oro | 26×30 minutes | 1957


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