Medical drama series. Cases of the Medivac team working out of the Bethlehem West Hospital in Brisbane. The crews special area of operation was in the evacuation of trouble spots. The show is known as Adrenalin Junkies outside of Australia.

Nicholas Eadie as Dr. Red Buchanan
Genevieve Picot as Dr. Julia McAlpine
Graeme Blundell as Dr. Harry Edwards
Grant Bowler as Dr. Arch Craven
Rena Owen as Macy Fields, RN
Caroline Kennison as Gosia Maléski, RN
Eugene Gilfedder as Dr. Wayne Doubé
Danielle Carter as Bree Dalrymple, RN
Mark Constable as Dr. “Oopy” Hiltonwood
Lisa Forrest as Dr. Marina Zamoyski
Stephen Lovatt as Dr. Tom Shawcross
Dieter Brummer as Dr. Sean Michaels
Simone Kessell as Dr. Stella O’Shaughnessy
Melissa Tkautz as Evie Morrison RN

Creator/Producers: Tony Cavanaugh, Simone North
Music: Roger Mason
Executive Producer: Mickael Borglund

Channel 10 | 48×50 minutes | Broadcast 10 September 1996 – 1998