Outback based drama series. Two sisters, separated as children by the divorce of their parents, are reunited when they are left the family’s huge cattle property out in the bush, the girls Tess and Claire band together an all female workforce to keep their property (called Drover’s Run) alive. Also on the property was housekeeper Meg Fountain and her daughter Jodi and also Becky Howard. The property next door was the Killarney and was owned by Harry and Liz Ryan. The Nine Network purchased the 55ha farm which provides the location for the series, its in Kingsford near Gawler in South Australia, the farm is home to 40 horse, 400 sheep and 100 cattle. Producer Posie Graeme-Evans was convinced the series would work and said ” it’s different to everything else that’s on TV at the minute”. The first Australian show to be filmed in HDTV (High Definition Television) format and also shot on super 16mm film.

Lisa Chappell as Claire McLeod
Bridie Carter as Tess Silverman McLeod
Rachael Carpani as Jodi Fountain
Jessica Napier as Becky Howard
Myles Pollard as Nick Ryan
Aaron Jeffery as Alex Ryan
Sonia Todd as Meg Fountain
Simmone Jade Mackinnon as Stevie Hall
Michala Banas as Kate Manfredi
Brett Tucker as Dave Brewer
Jonny Pasvolsky as Rob Shelton
Zoe Naylor as Regan McLeod
Luke Jacobz as Patrick Brewer
Dustin Clare as Riley Ward
Gillian Alexy as Tayler Geddes
Matthew Passmore as Marcus Turner
Doris Younane as Moira Doyle
Abi Tucker as Grace Kingston
Edwina Ritchard as Jasmine McLeod (2)
John Schwarz as Ben Hall as
Marshall Napier as Harry Ryan
Catherine Wilkin as Liz Ryan
John Jarratt as Terry Dodge
Chris Haywood as Bob The Postie
Fletcher Humphrys as Brett Buchanon
Ben Mortley as Alberto Borelli
Luke Ford as Craig Woodland
Rodger Corser as Peter Johnson
Charlie Clausen as Jake Harrison
Inge Hornstra as Sandra Kinsella
Craig McLachlan as Kane Morgan
Dean O’Gorman as Luke Morgan
Michelle Langstone as Fiona Webb
Sam Healy as Ashleigh Redstaff
Sandy Winton as Heath Barrett
Rachel Coopes as Ingrid Marr

Created by: Posie Graeme-Evans & Caroline Stanton
Series developed by: Posie Graeme-Evans
Executive Producers: Kris Noble, Susan Bower, Posie Graeme-Evans, Jo Horsburgh
Head Writer: Chris Hawkshaw
Composer: Alastair Ford
Animal Master: Bill Willoughby

Channel 9 – Millennium Pictures – Foxtel | x45 minutes | 2001-2008