Matlock Police is an Australian television police drama series made by Crawford Productions for the 0-10 Network between 1970 and 1975. The series was the 0-10 Network’s attempt to come up with a police show to rival Homicide and Division 4. Matlock Police was different from its Melbourne-based predecessors by being set in a small country town, the fictional Matlock, Victoria.

Series writers had a reference manual giving full details of the town’s geography, amenities, social structure, etc., as well as that of the surrounding area – neighbouring towns included Wilga, Chinaman’s Creek, Possum’s Creek and Burrabri, and there was an offshoot of the Great Dividing Range called the Candowies. The town’s colourful history included the local Aboriginal tribe, the town founder, a gold rush, a bushranger and a town patriarchy. About the only landmark the Matlock district lacked for dramatic purposes was a beach.

PAUL CRONIN as Gary Hogan
VIC GORDON as Sgt Albert Kennedy
PETER GWYNNE as Detective Sergeant Jack Maloney
MICHAEL PATE as Det Sgt Vic Maddern
TOM RICHARDS as Senior Detective Steve York
GRIGOR TAYLOR as Detective Allan Curtis
SUE DONOVAN as Policewoman Irene Bishop

Creators: Ian Jones and Terry Stapleton
Executive Producer: Colin Eggleston
Producers: Ian Bennett & Colin Eggleston

Channel 10 – Crawfords | 228×60 minutes | 1971-1976