Bellamy | Channel 10 1981 | James Condon, John Stanton,

Crime drama series focusing on the work of a Special Crime Squad led by the Steve Bellamy of the title, a somewhat maverick cop. Recurring characters in the series were the disapproving Daley who appeared in 21 episodes, the forensics technician Clem who was in 15 of the episodes. Adam Garnett as Ginger, a street-wise child who befriended Bellamy, appeared in six early episodes but was phased-out of the series.

Later in the run Tom Richards appeared as corrupt Detective Burns over five episodes. The series was noticeably more violent than previous Australian police series such as those made by Crawford Productions during the 1970s. Bellamy attracted only mediocre ratings and was shifted around the schedules several times.

James Condon as Daley (21 episodes)
Brian Young as Clem (16 episodes)
John Stanton as Steve Bellamy (9 episodes)
Tim Elston as Mitchell (9 episodes)
Adam Garnett as Ginger (6 episodes)
Tom Richards as Burns (5 episodes)
Bert Bianchi as Bluey (2 episodes)
Sally Conabere as Jane (2 episodes)
Bob Mercer as Mike (2 episodes)
Peter Schwarz as Catchpole (2 episodes)

Executive Producer: Don Battye

Australia | Channel 10 – Grundy | 26×50 minute episodes | 1981


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