Back in Very Small Business | ABC 2018 | Wayne Hope, Kim Gyngell

Back in Very Small Business finds Don Angel (introduced in the 2008 series Very Small Business) at the helm of the World Wide Business Group where he and his business partner, Ray, have found success in their ‘Don’s Dirty Dog Wash’ franchise.

Encompassing five other small businesses, the WWBG is staffed by an ethnically diverse, gender fluid, psychologically fragile menagerie, all hired on government subsidies. While Don enjoys the spoils of his burgeoning empire, he continues to be plagued by the consequences of both his morally questionable business practises and his delinquent emotional life.

Wayne Hope as Don Angel
Kim Gyngell as Ray Leonard
Robyn Nevin as Celeste Di Nono
Molly Daniels as Sam Angel
Liv Hewson as Ashley Piper
Roy Joseph as Vijay Kapoor
Roman Hadley-Lund as Leslie Leonard
Rick Donald as Cody Branson
Aaron Chen as Kim Park
Elena Mandalis as Olivia Micheledes

Script: Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope

Australia | ABC | 8×27 minutes | 2018


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